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Answers to Your Questions

Frequiently Asked Questions

  • What are the services provided by Merrygohearts Weddings?
    Merrygohearts Weddings is an expert in the field of wedding photography. Our services encompass a wide range of offerings, including extensive coverage of weddings, pre-wedding shoots, and destination weddings. With our expertise and passion for capturing beautiful moments, we strive to provide our clients with comprehensive and exceptional wedding photography services. Whether it's capturing the joy and excitement of the big day or preserving the intimate moments leading up to it, Merrygohearts Weddings is dedicated to creating stunning visuals that will be cherished for a lifetime.
  • Where are you based and do you travel?
    We have a diverse team of individuals from various parts of the world, coming together to form an international collective. While we have our bases located in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai & Dubai we operate on a global scale, capturing and sharing love stories from all corners of the globe.
  • What distinguishes Merrygohearts Weddings from others?
    Our dedication to quality sets us apart, as we utilize cutting-edge technologies to uphold the highest standards in visual storytelling. What makes us truly distinctive is our team's wealth of experience and unwavering commitment to creativity.
  • How much do you charge for wedding photography?
    Since each wedding is distinct in its own way, it is impossible to provide an exact price or plan for our services. The cost of our services is entirely dependent on your specific requirements. However, our prices start from INR 1,40,000/day (photo + video) for wedding events. For Pre-Wedding Shoots, our charges begin at INR 65,000 (photo + video).
  • Do you provide Live Streaming, LED Screens?
    Yes we do provide Live Streaming, LED Wall services as Add-ons.
  • What's your payment schedule?
    To reserve and secure our services, a deposit of 20% of the total package cost is to be paid. The remaining 80% can be paid on the final day of the photo shoot. Delivery of the finalised photography and videography files will be made upon receipt of full payment. It is strongly advised to adhere to the original payment schedule, as any delays may result in us being unable to meet the agreed delivery dates.
  • Can we discuss the price since my wedding is unique and not like the usual ones?
    We are excited to be involved in every wedding as each one is special and one-of-a-kind. We are eager to receive your inquiries and discuss your unique vision for the event. Whether it's an intimate elopement, a wedding held in a beautiful ancestral home, a beach ceremony, or an outdoor celebration under a majestic tree, we are here to help make your dream wedding a reality. We are also proud supporters of LGBT weddings, so please don't hesitate to contact us with your specific needs and preferences. We will ensure that your requests are met with the utmost care and attention to detail. For more details contact us here.
  • Are there any extra fees or hidden charges in addition to the estimated cost?
    At Merrygohearts, we value transparency, which means there are no hidden fees. However, if an event takes place outside of our base in Bangalore, Hyderabd, Mumbai, Chennai or Dubai travel and accommodation expenses will be included in the quote. Additionally, any additional services that were not initially agreed upon in the original scope of work, such as online web live streaming or LED screens, will be charged accordingly.
  • Are there any specific time limitations for the shoot hours?
    Drawing from our extensive expertise in the wedding industry spanning over a decade, we have established set time slots for each specific event, operating on a slot basis. There are no limitations on the number of photographs captured during these events, as our approach is to comprehensively document the entire process. This includes behind-the-scenes moments, makeup application, portrait sessions, capturing intricate details of traditional attire and jewellery, as well as documenting the ambiance, decor, and guests.
  • Will there be a designated team member assigned to liaise with any family members on the day of the event?
    We provide you with a dedicated Lead Photographer who will serve as MGH's representative for all your last-minute requirements and modifications. This photographer will be present at all of your events, allowing you to inform them about any other important individuals, aside from family members, who require special attention in photographs and videos.
  • What are your requirements from our side for our wedding day?
    Ideal situations involve no major surprises. We acknowledge that not everything goes according to plan, but we are not referring to those types of surprises. If you desire us to film a moment like someone popping out of a cake and we are unaware of it happening, we will be unable to capture it. Therefore, it is important to stay in contact with us leading up to your wedding and inform us of any changes to the plan. It is always best to capture raw emotions as they occur, rather than trying to recreate them at a later time.
  • What is your suggested timeframe for capturing the getting ready photos/couple portraits/singles?
    On your special day, it can all become quite overwhelming. Keep in mind that once the day arrives, you won't be able to control every single detail, so there's no need to try. Fortunately, you have a team of willing helpers surrounding you, ready to lend a hand when things go awry. All you have to do is stand there, radiate beauty, and enjoy the precious moments with the people who mean the most to you. Here are a few important things to remember: Allocate a generous 2-3 hours for the getting ready/portrait photo sessions. Let's delve into why this is necessary: 20-30 minutes capturing the first look and portraits of the bride. 20-30 minutes for individual portraits of the groom. 30-45 minutes for capturing intimate couple portraits. Don't forget about the family portraits; allot 20 minutes for this. Often overlooked, it is crucial to ensure that all immediate family members are ready before the guests arrive. Capture these portraits before the main event begins, when everyone is fresh and full of energy. Believe us when we say that you won't regret investing time in these essential moments!
  • Do you mind if guests capture photographs or record the ceremony?
    We, as individuals, do not have any personal concerns. We do not have any objections if every average person is capturing images, or if someone is using professional cameras with a complete film crew to record the entire event. The manner and timing of how they choose to share these images on social media is also something that does not bother us, but it might bother you. It is not impolite to kindly request your guests to refrain from certain actions on YOUR special day if you do not want them to engage in those activities. Typically, a sign or a brief message from the officiant at the beginning of the ceremony works effectively.
  • Do you use additional lighting for an indoor function?
    Certainly! We do have external flashes and the necessary lighting equipment available. However, we only use them when they are truly necessary, in order to avoid any unnecessary cable clutter in the mandap or event area. It would be best to connect us with the event planner or decorator who is responsible for the lighting, so that we can coordinate and ensure a seamless and well-lit atmosphere.
  • Is it possible for us to provide you with a list of relatives to include in the family photographs?
    We handle numerous wedding events, but it's challenging to recall everyone beyond the immediate family of the couple. For this reason, we strongly advise the couple to introduce us to one of their siblings or cousins. By doing so, we can ensure that we capture the full extent of their extended family and any significant individuals who will be present at the ceremony.
  • How much time should we allocate for capturing couple portrait photographs?
    A sufficient duration of 30 to 45 minutes is recommended solely for capturing couple portraits. While the specific timings may differ, the allotted time intervals remain ideal. This will help ensure a seamless flow on your special day!
  • When is the ideal time to arrange these photographs? (Couple Portraits, Single Shots, etc.)
    If your event is planned during the day, rest assured it will be exceptional as nothing can surpass the beauty of natural light. However, if your event is scheduled for the evening, it is crucial to make the most of the golden hour and sunset for capturing stunning portraits. We must ensure that these couple shots are taken before the guests arrive.
  • Is that the end of the formal shooting after taking the couple portraits and family shots?
    Typically, after taking the couple portraits and family shots, our preference is to follow the natural progression of the event. Our photography style aims to capture moments in their most authentic form, with a candid and unfiltered approach.
  • How many pictures will you deliver?
    For an 8-hour wedding coverage, you can expect to receive a collection of around 300 to 500 professionally edited and ready to print high resolution photographs. These images will be delivered to you via an online gallery with seamless interface. Our focus is on delivering quality rather than quantity, so we carefully select the most meaningful and impactful images that beautifully narrate your unique story.
  • Do you offer physical albums as part of your services? If so, are they included in the package?
    Indeed, we offer albums that can be customized according to your preferences. If these albums are not included in the initial Price Estimation, they can be added to the package for an extra charge. However, we recommend finalising the album selection after your event celebrations have taken place. Click here to explore our range of albums.
  • What are your delivery timelines? When do we receive our final images and videos?
    At MGH, we believe in achieving perfection through our meticulous editing process. Our team of experts invests significant time and effort to ensure that each picture is flawlessly enhanced. We understand your excitement and eagerness to relive your precious event memories. We deliver all edited images from every single event within 8 working weeks. Additionally, you will receive the fully edited wedding film, within 12 working weeks. Traditional videos will be shared 8 working weeks after the wedding.
  • Can we choose the music for our Wedding Films & Videos ?
    Song/music selection for the wedding films/traditional videos will be completely upon the editor's perspective according to the footage and overall feel of the video. However, you can feel free to recommend any music for the videos, and we'll certainly incorporate it if it complements the overall footage and enhances the flow of the video.

If you have any other questions that we haven't addressed here, please don't hesitate to contact us via WhatsApp at +91-8971887643 or email us at We're here to assist you further.

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